Training Testimonials

Half Marathon - Participant

"Fleet Feet's half marathon training program prepared me to complete my fastest half ever.  The preparation that the training program and the coach provided allowed to meet my goal of running my best half.  The program was well designed and made me accountable in my training.  I have been running for 15 years and the coaching energized my running and training.  The coach helped design a custom plan to help me achieve my race goal.  Her running knowledge, exuberance, and sense of humor complemented the program and further enhancing the training experience.  I plan to sign up for the next session to continue taking my running to the next level."

5K - NoBo Participant

"I just want to express heartfelt thank you. It is has been such a pleasure having an opportunity to be part of the NoBo program it exceeded far more than any of my exceptions.
No Boundaries is exactly what it says it is limitless. 
In the beginning of the fall 5K program there was a new NOBO in the group. She had started on recommendation thru one of her piers from work that also participated in the program. Day two of the training program she was ready to quit. I talked her out of it. I told her that I loved running and not to quit she just couldn't understand anyone could have a love for running when it was so hard. She completed the program and I am really glad if I had some influence on her decision on whether or not to quit.
Fleet Feet and NoBO program has given my such a love and and passion for running for that I am forever grateful. I cannot wait for the 10K program to start.
5K and beyond"

10K - Participant

"Awesome experience yet again. Coach Mark and mentors made sure everyone got the attention and motivation they needed whether you were in the front, middle or back of the crowd."

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