Project Lean Nation Fun Run!


Join us Monday, April 24th at 6:15 pm for our Project LeanNation Fun Run and take home a free meal from Project LeanNation! (while supplies last!)

Are you interested in eating a more healthy, balanced diet but don't have the time for meal planning and meal prep? 

Project LeanNation is new to our town but has 2 locations in New York and one in Rhode Island. They area nutrition education community focused on making America fitter and healthier. They provide macronutrient-structured, nutrition-packed meal plans and support to help their clients achieve even their most lofty nutrition goals.

What type of meal plans do they offer? Below is a description taken directly from their website!

"LifeStyle– Our solution to highly effective balanced nutrition. Engineered to shed excess pounds, increase performance and limit the risk of dietary induced conditions and disease. This program consists of minimally processed whole foods such as lean proteins, essential healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, grains, fruits and vegetables.

WholeLife– Our way of bringing primal eating to the 21st century. Prepared with zero dairy,  grains or gluten-containing ingredients, WholeLife is designed to provide all the benefits of primal eating in a simple, convenient and easy-to-follow plan. This program is rich in healthy fats, moderate in protein and complex carbohydrates, all by way of meats, fish, nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers. (Before someone calls the paleo police, yes we do use some potatoes). Ideal for those with dietary restrictions.

Athlete– Our solution to those with the highest level of physical output. Next level performance takes next level nutrition. Our Athlete meals provide an optimal macronutrient balance to support muscle recovery and growth.  This plan provides 700 calorie meals packed with high quality protein, complex carbohydrates and fresh vegetables to properly fuel intense training.

*Some products are only available in select markets"

Interested to learn more? Their website is

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