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Fleet Feet Sports carries a variety of insoles to help support your feet and align your body. Inoles are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the individual demands of your activities and footwear. Insoles align the bone structure of your feet inside the shoe, creating a consistent and efficient structural foundation.

When you stand on a supportive insole, you can feel the firmly supportive shape. Wearing soft or "cushion" inserts is like running in the soft, dry sand at the beach. Initially it feels good, but you quickly grow tired, waste energy, and begin to feel the stress on your knees and back. Wearing supportive insoles is like running on firm, wet sand. It’s still comfortable, but your feet feel more balanced and stable. The structural benefits of insole play an active role in both treatment and prevention of common overuse injuries. At Fleet Feet Sports, we will take you through a fit process to ensure we fit you with the perfect insole!
                      WITHOUT PROPER SUPPORT                             WITH PROPER SUPPORT 

                   BadSupportSkeleton               GoodSupportSkeleton 


We carry a full line of Superfeet insoles for all types of arches, as well as Powerstep insoles for those with high arch issues. We've tested MANY insoles - including other "custom mold" models from other running stores that cost over $100. We found that Superfeet was not only the most supportive, but it also was superior in that it provides a secure heel cup that allows your body to use it's own cushioning for additional shock absorption and support.


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